13th Annual Kamloops Cowboy Festival

"Singer/musician Gordie West, bass player Mike Dygert, along with honky tonk piano player Jinny Lowe from Idaho, entertained folks in fine style during the dinner hours." -- reporter Mag Mawhinney

2009 and 2008 Three Hills Parade

"We've had the boys out for the past 2 years to play on our parade float - and they've been a huge hit with the crowds both years. Last year they played an in-promptu concert on main street after the parade - playing for a variety of folks, all of whom raved about the variety of their material and the enthusiasm with which they delivered it. This year they played at a pre-parade breakfast and brought smiles to all who braved the early morning. It's wonderful to experience their performances!" -- Royal LePage Country Realty

Cariboo Country Night

"We had Gordie West play at our annual Cariboo Country Night and he was great - amazing even. It didn't seem to matter what song the crowd threw at him, he knew the words and sang the song! He seemed to really love the requests - like a game to him. I don't think we've ever had so many people on the dance floor at one time before."  -- the Cariboo Country Night Organizing Committee

Kamloops Cowboy Festival

"It's very seldom that we bring an entertainer back two or more years in a row but Gordie West and Mike Dygert just seem to be there every year ... this is mainly because they are such terrific entertainers. I say entertainers because these two are not just singers - they are a whole show. The humour and wit, the way they play off each other, the huge variety of songs, all make the audience happy - thrilled even and that, to us, is what makes the show the huge success that it is!"  -- Mark McMillan, Entertainment Committee Chair